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March 25th, 2021


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Do you want to learn how to be happier? 

What if you had tools you could use to decrease your stresses and negative thoughts, 

take better control over your emotions and...BE  HAPPY!

We created Finding Nirvana to help students do just that!

Think clearer and feel happier! Topics include:

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Become Woke!

Understanding the importance of Positive Psychology in your life!


The power of the mind

Become a pro understanding the power of the mind. Finding a humble brag to tell people!

Understanding the importance of Positive Psychology in your life!

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What is the science of happiness?

The Science Of Happiness can help you relieve your negative emotions. Bye Felicia!

Stressed Woman

Ways to relieve stress

Ways that can relieve your stress. Bet!

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Six Pillars of Happiness

Have the opportunity to find a new vibe by learning the six pillars of happiness

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Understanding Self-Awareness

Learning low-key understanding of self-awareness!

Speakers & Entertainers

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Demo Casanova

Life Strategist & Performance Coach

Demo Casanova is an American born, international life strategist and peak performance coach, becoming, at age 26, one of the most sought after recording/mixing engineers in the music industry. Having garnered insights working with superstar artists such as Madonna, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and Jamie Foxx, Demo speaks about what traits are necessary to cultivate high performance habits and mindsets. In addition to working as a keynote speaker and strategic performance consultant, he is also the co-founder and chairman of FEEL GOOD NOW, an organization committed to raising human consciousness. 

Dr. Lara Aknin Photo.jpg

Dr. Lara Aknin

Social Psychologist

Dr. Lara Aknin is a Distinguished Associate Professor of Psychology at Simon Fraser University, former Fellow with the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and a co-editor of the World Happiness Report. She holds a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Aknin’s research focuses on the antecedents and consequences of happiness and prosocial behaviour. Most of her work examines how generous behaviour makes people feel.

Her research has been published in various academic journals, including Science, Nature Human Behaviour, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Social Psychological and Personality Science and Perspectives on Psychological Science, and has been covered in international media outlets such as the CBC, CNN, Maclean’s Magazine, Forbes, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Susan Stewart Photo.jpg

Susan Stewart

Comedian, Author & Speaker

For the past 13 years, comedian Susan Stewart has been entertaining and inspiring audiences to see the lighter side of life. Susan is the author of 3 books including her latest title, You Gotta Laugh: Wit And Wisdom About Not Taking Life (Or Yourself) Too Seriously. Susan's podcast, Still A Hot Mess, and comedy album, Relentless, are available on iTunes and Spotify. You can learn more about Susan at


Kevin Hamdan

Mentalist & Magician

Kevin Hamdan is a Mentalist/Magician. His style of Magic creates the illusion of Mind Reading and Suggestion. Having spent the majority of his life studying the human mind, he has learned how influential the human mind is. With that, he has learned ways to redirect his focus in order to deal with stress management! Kevin will show you how powerful the human mind can be!

Robert Hawke Photo 2.jpg

Robert Hawke

Inspiring Speaker & Author

Robert Hawke is a comedian, author and speaker. Rob honed his storytelling and comedic skills with The Second City Comedy Troupe. He has shared in a Canadian Comedy Award and Gemini Award Nomination for Best Writing in a Comedy Series.

Robert creates riveting virtual keynote presentations that give audiences immediately usable tips and tools to build resilience in these ridiculous times.

Rob wrote the books Kicking Cancer’s Ass: A Lighthearted Guide To The Fight Of Your Life and Doing Happiness: Uncovering The Hidden Benefits Of Feeling Good. He lives in Peterborough with his terrific wife and ridiculously small dog.

headshot yellow dress cropped.jpg

Louisa Jewell

Canada’s Leading Expert in Positive Psychology

Louisa Jewell holds a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania and is the founder and president of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association. She is the host of The Awesome Project, a new Audible Originals Podcast series that will be released in early 2021. Mainly known for her work educating people and practitioners around the world about the neuroscience of resilience, Jewell appears regularly on CBC radio as a well-being expert and has been featured extensively in other media including Forbes, Fast Company and Oprah Magazine.


Jewell is a featured expert in several documentaries including The Science of Happiness and Mental Health in the City and her best-selling book Wire Your Brain For Confidence: The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt was named in the top 100 Best Psychology Books of All Time by Book Authority.  

Marcos Mendosa Photo.png

Marcos Mendosa

Wordsmith, Strategist & Coach

Marcos calls himself a possibilitarian.  Others call him an artist, a wordsmith, and a coach.  He uses spoken word poetry, speech writing, and social impact campaigns to drive awareness to the challenges that entrepreneurs face, so they can improve their self-worth, create products and services they love, and ultimately show up in their industry as leading contributors. 


He’s the Co-Founder of Coachable, a company that helps entrepreneurs create programs, brands, and online businesses.  


He’s currently working on releasing his debut album, “The Journal;” a 20-piece compilation of spoken word poetry and lyricism that shares a vulnerable look at self-worth, self-sabotage, and success. 


Throughout his position as the Operations Manager and Instructor at the Think and Grow Rich Institute, Marcos led the team that developed the infrastructure that has provided students with access to learning how to apply Napoleon Hills' practical philosophy of success. 


You can find him sharing his spoken word content on Instagram while taking a stand for others, showing up when it’s uncomfortable, playing a big game full of possibilities, and getting out of his own way.  


Instagram: @iammarcosmendosa 

TikTok: @theartistandentrepreneur

Facebook: Marcos Mendosa Tolu 

Jeff A.D. Martin Photo.jpg

Jeff A.D. Martin

Speaker, Author & Coach

Jeff A.D. Martin is a soul-stirring, highly requested transformational speaker.

Jeff’s love for people can be attributed to his years of being a community advocate, a mentor and also his 15+ years in Law Enforcement. He is a youth communication specialist, with over 1000 forensic interviews with children.

Jeff is also an author of two critically acclaimed books. A City of Toronto best-selling children’s book and an Amazon best selling personal development book.


Jeff is an award-winning speaker, a certified coach and the curator of Inspire Legacy Company Online Academy, where he teaches public speaking and student character development.



Jennifer Buchanan Photo.jpg

Jennifer Buchanan

Music Therapy Expert

Jennifer’s company JB Music Therapy has been instrumental in the implementation of hundreds of music therapy programs throughout Canada for almost 30 years and has been thrice nominated for the Community Impact Award by the Chamber of Commerce.  

As an author of two award-winning books – ‘Tune In‘ and ‘Wellness Incorporated‘ she has appeared as a guest on numerous news and current affairs programs including Fox News Health, NBC, and CTV, and has been featured in The Guardian, Huffington Post, Globe and Mail and Canadian Living.

In addition to her Music Therapy education, Jennifer has her MBA specializing in social entrepreneurship.  


DJ Mike Harding

DJ & Entertainer

Dj Mike Harding has made a career out of being the total package entertainer, starting his career at an early age has given  him over 30 years in the business.

  High Lights include Official Host/Mc for the Toronto Blue Jays (Fan Fest Fridays and Jr Jays Days), DJ Buffalo Bills NFL in Toronto series ,Television appearances (MTV/ Sportsnet) and a regular Radio Live to Air (Mix 99.9), Official MC/Dj for HBC Flag ship stores (Celerity Meet and Greets and Gala Events) Official Dj for the PRO and Not So Pro Beach Volleyball Events and DJ various TIFF events.

 You can check Mike out on Instagram: Djmike44  And his new adventure

Dr. Gillian Mandich Photo.jpg

Dr. Gillian Mandich

Health Science Happiness Researcher

Dr. Gillian Mandich has a PhD from Western University in Health Science, and her primary areas of research are happiness and health. She is the founder of The International Happiness Institute of Health Science Research; co-lead investigator of The Canadian Happiness At Work Study; is a part of the Meant2Prevent research team at SickKids; appears regularly in the media on shows such as The Social, Marilyn Denis, Breakfast Television, The Morning Show, and CBC; and is a top-rated keynote and TEDx speaker.

Lisa Sansom Photo.jpg

Lisa Sansom

Positive Interventionist

Lisa Sansom is the owner of LVS Consulting, a boutique consulting firm that helps to build positive and effective organizations. In these roles, Lisa shares positive psychology tools and techniques with her clients through speaking, corporate training, consulting and coaching. Her clients come from a variety of industries including finance, education, technology, government, law, not-for-profit and health care.


Lisa has been working in Organizational Development, Leadership Development and Change Management since 2000 and she is a certified coach at the PCC level, working with leaders and aspiring leaders as well as high-performing teams. Lisa has also written several articles for magazines and online publications.


Lisa obtained her MBA from the Rotman School of Management, and earned her coaching accreditation from Adler International Learning / OISE-UT.  In addition, she holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Education from Brock University. She completed her MAPP (Master of Applied Positive Psychology) from the University of Pennsylvania in 2010, one of the first five Canadians to do so. She is a founding Board member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association, has presented at the International Positive Psychology Association’s World Congress four times and is the co-Chair of the practice review committee for the 2017, 2019 and 2021 World Congress on Positive Psychology.


Lisa’s LinkedIn profile is available at


You can learn more about Lisa from her website at

Jennifer Bitner Photo.jpg

Jennifer Bitner

Mental Performance Coach

Jennifer has traded in the hustle + burnout for purpose & flow. She now teaches other goal-getters how to live a life of less stress and more freedom, while still rocking their dreams & ambitions. JENNIFER’S PRESENTATION ON STRESS DETOX: MENTAL WELLNESS REDEFINED takes the doom and gloom out of mental health talk, by teaching the everyday person how to listen to their bodies internal “alarm” and reel back into a feel good rhythm, by teaching fun + simple practical lifestyle & habit hacks. 

Ryan Montis Photo.png

Ryan Montis


As a licensed private investigator, Ryan Montis spent the first part of his career delving deep into mysteries in order to uncover the truth behind the veil of confusion and misinformation. Later, as a soldier with the Canadian Forces, Ryan sharpened his skills at understanding and applying specific proven processes in order to accomplish important goals and missions. Today, Ryan uses his very unique mix of experience and training to create transformational change in the lives of others.

Dr. M. Gloria González-Morales Photo.jpg

Dr. M. Gloria González-Morales

Associate Professor of Psychology at Claremont Graduate University

M. Gloria González-Morales, PhD is an associate professor of psychology at Claremont Graduate University (California), and the Director of the Worker Wellbeing Lab, a feminist research lab for employee health, flourishing and belonging. Her research involves the disciplines of occupational health psychology and positive organizational psychology to study stress, work-life issues, incivility, respect, and positive organizational interventions to enhance well-being and performance. Gloria is associate editor of Work & Stress Journal, and her research has been published in some of the world’s top-ranked psychology outlets with best paper awards for her research on respite workplace interventions to foster employee well-being and reduce abusive supervision.

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